Thursday, May 31, 2018

Didn't Like It

Here's a patch that I completed back in March as part of my Core Values project.

Didn't like it then.

Don't like it now.

Time to do something about that. I brush gesso over the patch in uneven thicknesses with a beat-up foam brush.

Then, with Lewis Noble as my inspiration, I start playing around with a quick sketch-like approach, making marks, painting, scratching scribbles into the paint—first on the Core Values patch and then on the back of a postcard, same colors on both.

Core Values patch moving in a new direction
with marks, paint, and scribbles
postcard with paint marker marks
postcard with collage, paint, and scribbles added


  1. Love how you just go ahead and cover up. Love that I can see shadows of what was before. How I love scribbling!

    1. Thanks for your nod to my just going ahead and covering up, Carol. I'm grateful for that affirmation of my having grown in a direction that I value. When I first began painting 4 years ago I was FAR more 'precious' in the way I painted than I am now.

      It was fun to scribble and let the earlier layers still have some say : )

  2. I really liked the old patch...until you did THIS! Now I REALLY like the new version! More subtle, more earthy, more interesting in a whispery kind of way. Mostly I admire your willingness to just GESSO when you don't like something! So freeing.

    1. Jen, mostly I admire your willingness to just let me YANK you around whether you like what I've got going or not! Thank you!

      Someone might have to handcuff me at some point with this Core Values project and shout >>> STOP!

      But for now, so glad you're appreciating the subtler, earthier, interestinger, whisperier thing going on with this patch-in-flux.

  3. I love the poetic nature of your new one. I liked the first one too, but now you've covered it (almost) up, there is a new quality coming in. And I'm sure it needed the first layer!

    1. Simone, thanks for seeing the more poetic nature of my developing this patch further. There IS a new quality coming in, and it IS dependent on what preceded it! Grateful for your observations.