Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lines and Layers, B&W, Day #7

Line by layer, I think I'm becoming more conscious of the elements of visual vocabulary.


If lines take on the characteristics of pattern or shape in the viewing, then they stop being lines, no matter how much they felt like lines in the making. As Jane explained, it's about how the element reads on first glance. If it says shape, then it's a shape. Who knew?

I took my tidbits of growing understanding into my studio this afternoon to try my hand at two more lines and layers studies in black and white.





Got it?

lines and layers #11, 9x12"
lines and layers #12, 9x12"

Then, guess what? I cut these last two studies into pieces! Can't wait to turn them into a series of itty bitty art some fine day.

Lines and squiggles and layers, oh my!



Tired girl here!


  1. They look like itty bitty art to me already. But I know well enough what you can do with a little color and pattern and.... oh my is right! Get some rest :) LOL

    1. No idea where these itty bitty pieces will go next other than that they'll most likely become postcards eventually.

      Driving to Maine today to see my dad. Restful place and person : )

    2. I think I commented here but don't see it. I love the idea of cutting up the pieces to make new. So much food for thought!

    3. Thanks, Carol. I've been known to find great art in not-so-great art more than once when I cut it up : )

    4. I love Maine!!! Had great times there!!! Drive safely!

    5. Maine is indeed a beautiful place!