Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ghost Buster!

Thought I was done with Lesson 2, ready for a nap.

Guess not.

One of my classmates painted over some of her ghost prints, i.e. the papers used to lift paint from her speed paintings.

Couldn't resist.

I used paint pens to create a 'window,' used various paints and techniques to create a range of opacity/transparency in the space surrounding the window, left the ghost image seen 'through' the window untouched, veiled over most of the window with a brayer, finished with white line work in ink.

ghost print from speed paintings #1, 2, and #3

painting over ghost print


  1. Creepy good! Has me in the mood for tiny chocolate bars and candy corn!

    1. !!! I wasn't aware at a conscious level of the classic fall/Hallowe'en colors that were coming into play!

  2. I don't know if it was on purpose, but it looks wonderfully like the curtains are blowing open.
    It is a very interesting technique that you use!

    1. Simone—yes, on purpose! Open window, fresh creative energy blowing through! I used brayer and white pen.