Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Tiniest Neurons

Quoting Lyanda Lynn Haupt again:

We create from … the song just beneath our typical hearing, the murmuration that calls the tiniest neurons of our brains into flight.

Today, another undeveloped patch in Core Values catches my attention. This bit of real estate holds some collage from the very first day I put anything on this big ol' piece of foam core three months ago, as well as paint I've wiped off my brush at various junctures since then.

I've been wanting to reacquint myself with Golden Hi-Flow acrylics and also curious to see if I could mix up some taupe from regular Liquitex paints in my studio. Those are the murmurations that call a few of the tiniest neurons of my brain into flight. I do a little on-canvas journaling first, and then get going with paint.

Currently in the messy middle somewhere.

black paint-marker journaling,
then hi-flow acrylic,
then scribbles with a stylus in wet paint
homegrown acrylic taupe mix,
more stylus scribbles in wet paint;
work in progress
working title: Core Values


  1. This morning I need that calming quality of your taupe shapes. I know it will change an provably become more dynsmic, but my eye enjoys the depth sailing through the clouds. Don't you just love color mixing

    1. Mixing up that taupe was calming. Spreading it on my substrate was calming. I'm liking it.

      I don't do a tremendous amount of what I'd call purposeful, intentional directed color mixing. Had fun doing so with the taupe.

      Thanks for your comments, Carol.

  2. Hi Dotty, when I saw your first collage this afternoon, I thought (and not for the first time) about how interwoven poetry/language/wisdom is in your art. That is really something special!

    1. Simone, thank you for reflecting back that poetry/language/wisdom observation again. A welcome hug.

  3. murmurations...love. Your brain seems to take flight easily and quickly. This patch has changed and changed! I want to fly to wherever it ends up.

    1. I thought of you as I started tinkering with this patch, because I think we were both hoping that LIFELONG might stay in view for the duration. Now, we'll both know it's still in there, though not visible—as SO MUCH of what life has to offer is!

      Thanks for flying with me. Off we go!

    2. You read my mind! But, like you, I often place scrumptious words underneath the paint knowing they are there, the energy of them is there, and covering them only makes them more juicy and secretive...

    3. yes, yes, and yes—I also do that!