Friday, May 18, 2018


Today's piece is the child of a parent piece painted last August as I prepared some starts in happy anticipation of attending Takodah family camp where I would spend a bit of time painting each morning.


Parent dressed in finery:

First child:

Second child:

Third child:

Fourth child:

Speaking of anticipation, as I did above, twenty-four years ago I had the great honor to be one of the people supporting my sister Lauren while she was in labor before delivering her second son. Those were hours of great anticipation followed by the great excitement of welcoming Stuart to the world.

And, speaking of welcoming new life, as I just did, let me announce the birth of the fifth child of the parent piece I created last August—a bookmark I painted for Stuart for his birthday this year!

Happy birthday, Stuart!

Squinting Into the Darkened Pine-Scented Interior
5x1.75"; acrylic, ink, collage, and pastels on card stock


  1. Birthing paintings from paintings...this is fascinating! Thank you for posting all the parents and their offspring. Seeing the process is such a treat. :) But the title of that bookmark!!! WHAT? You're killing me! SO GOOD!

    1. Hi, Jen—happy Saturday morning to you! Glad you enjoy seeing the parent with all its offspring; I find process infinitely intriguing and magical. Thanks for your enthusiasm for the title. I had fun titling the recent bookmarks I've made, after working on my "Core Values" project for weeks now, with no patch-specific titles en route.

  2. What a beautiful gift! Really hard to imagine that it is so small. Could be a huge panel. Oh how I love the scent of pines!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, tiny bit of painting landscape here—I'd love to think I could scale it BIG; haven't tried that yet but it'd be lovely to see if I could. Some day. I, too, love the scent of pines!

  3. Loved the heading Stu-art, loved the bookmark. You are a clever one, Dotty!

    1. Didn't Stuie's name just offer up the best title?! I was very pleased with the bookmark, and happy to give him something he could pack easily for travel back to Cleveland : )

  4. Ha ha ha, awesome title Dotty :) LOVE revisiting these Dotty creations! Love this bookmark gift :) Pine scented.... memories of growing up in Colorado.... :)

    1. Couldn't resist the title! I'm always happy when one presents itself so readily : )

      It was fun for me, too, to revisit the many pieces that have come from last summer's start—a start with browns, no less: not even my usual color palette.

      Sweet to hear that 'pine-scented' evokes memories for you of growing up in CO.