Monday, October 2, 2017

Quick & Quixotic 3

Feeling yanked hither and yon by my recent blog posts?

Wondering if you've developed attention deficit disorder?

That's how I feel, and I'm the agent of the disorderly approach style, for Pete's sake!

I seem to be jumping from one task to another in both my personal and professional life, and from one painting project to another in my painting life, which—of course—is responding directly to the nonlinear nature of both my personal and professional life.

A bit of a wild jaunt, a scattershot bucking leapfrogging joyride, I tell ya.

Anyway, today I am back with Quick & Quixotic.

The blueberry fields have shifted color as the earth has continued to trace its path around the sun. A few neutrals have replaced color leached from the flora. Small patches of early morning ground fog make themselves known.

work in progress
12x16"; unstretched canvas
working title: Quick and Quixotic 3


  1. I can feel the drama!Those bright oranges really livens the image, not to mention the dynamic blacks! Sort of glad someone else jumps around now I know it's legit!

    1. My jumping all around surprises me somewhat, as do the many unfinished pieces that end up in my studio when I jump. But, I made a spontaneous gut-level commitment to myself when I began painting that I would follow wherever the journey took me and trust it to be the very right thing for me.

      Thanks for your feedback re the bright orange drama and the dynamic blacks, Carol.

  2. scattershot bucking leapfrogging! Holy mackerel! Whatever it is, it is working! The drama and mood in this piece is incredible! I feel like Dorothy in Kansas!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I think malarkey might be contagious!

      You may be Dorothy in Kansas, I seem to be Dorothy all-over-the-place : )

      Having fun, and happy to have you leapfrogging along with me.

  3. What a gorgeous, colorful piece. It must be getting beautiful in your neck of the woods these days. I hope things slow down for you soon.

    1. Thanks, Katie.

      Uncharacteristically, we have very little color here thus far. Not much change at all.

  4. Energy and excitement :) You work well under pressure. Love the "new" header. Beautiful. Hope you find some calm soon Dotty, or at least a few moments for yourself. Blessings to you :)

    1. Thanks for all your comments, Sheila. Glad you see energy and excitement; this stage isn't exciting me visually but is very much engaging me process-wise.

      My 'new' header is an old favorite from two years ago. It no longer lives with me, but I'm glad to give it a chance to shine again via my blog header.

      Generally I work fairly well under pressure, at least for short bursts. The past few weeks? Not so much! This week, still busy busy busy but with a calmer mind and an increase in moments for myself.

      Blessings to you, too!