Friday, May 20, 2016

More Exercises with Open Grid Collage and Line

Got in the groove today.

Worked on manila stock instead of drawing paper.

Loved using my handpainted collage papers again—loved the colors, loved the patterned textures, loved the heft of the paper itself, loved the feel of the matte medium brushing over it.

Layered some of my collage paper with tissue paper.

Wasn't shy about leaving plenty of open white space.

Used restraint in the number of collage pieces.

Found pleasure in juxtapositions: asymmetries and balances, cut edges and torn, thoughtful decisions and impulsive.

Remembered to snap a photo while the open grid collage was still lineless.

Had to decide whether to add line before cutting this exercise into two postcards or after

The so-called "decision" process was kind of funny. First I traced my finger along a few potential paths. Then I pulled out a Pitt pen to see what width it was, trying it out on scrap paper. 

Next thing I knew, I'd drawn a line from top to bottom on my collage exercise. 

I looked up, blinked, and said aloud, Oh. Guess I'm going to cut after I draw my line.

Really like this composition!

But, chose to stick to my plan to cut it into two postcards—holding my breath as I did so.

Postcard 27
4x5", collage and ink on manila stock
[not for sale]

Postcard 28
4x5", collage and ink on manila stock
[not for sale]

Loved the process. Love the outcome.


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    1. Thanks, Laurie! I'm hoping to do another of these assignments soon.