Monday, May 9, 2016

Lining Up Candles

Painting up soft grid format backgrounds for the line exercises I'm doing for my composition class is tremendously satisfying. The brush strokes, the blending, the analogous colors—a meditation.

Today I go for oranges and yellows.

Instead of cutting this 3x9" piece into three squares and then adding 2-3 pieces of collage to each, as was the case yesterday, I add collage pieces before cutting. The collage elements come from a leftover segment of a larger painting I worked on weeks ago, a painting I divided into five pieces and from which I made four paper prayer bookmarks for my cousins. I use the remaining straggler today in my current project.

Then I cut this new project into 3-inch squares and add line. In the first, black ink passes electrical current from one collage element to the next.

In another, wax pastels in three shades lasso the central bit of collage.

In the final piece, gold ink accentuates shapes … and the square goes on to say Happy Birthday!

Color, Shape, Line, Birthday!
3x3", acrylic, collage, and ink on drawing paper
[not for sale]


  1. Love that you Lasso your pieces! To me, they are always on the move somewhere within...wiggling, vibrating, shimmying, gliding.
    Sounds fun to do the gluing stuff on first and then cutting it up.Which do you prefer? Yesterday's technique or today's?
    These are fun!

    1. I continue to enjoy getting the feedback about the energy and movement you see in my paintings—"the wiggling, vibrating, shimmying, gliding."

      In answer to your question, collaging before cutting presents composition and design puzzles that are more engaging to me than cutting and then collaging.

  2. JOY! Electric JOY, and Cowboy JOY, and Golden Celebrational JOY! Oh and lot's of fun too, anyone can see that :)