Sunday, May 8, 2016

Line Dancing

I start Project 1 in Lesson 5 of my Jane Davies composition class today.

Simple exercises.

But, nonetheless, humbling.

Love painting up a soft grid background, making good on an earlier lesson.

3x9" loose grid format

Then I cut that piece into three squares, affix 2-3 pieces of collage to each, and add one line to each composition, creating a relationship between the line and the rest of the piece.

Find myself wanting to "fix" various things that don't appeal to my eye but stick to my commitment to follow the directions as given and do no more than that.

The directions further suggest that I create several more of these.

I will.


  1. Hi Dotty,

    So nice to be back again!

    I really like the new header above your blog!

    I think is is very wise sometimes to 'just follow the leader' and do an assignment as it is meant to be, so you can learn the most of it. And then of course later you just follow your own intuitions, but with the things you have learnt in your mind.
    But I VERY much recognize the urge to change things and follow directions;-)


    1. Simone, so nice to have you back, though I also loved picturing your being on holiday. I appreciate your comments above. Glad you like my new header—I like it each time I see it! I especially enjoyed your perspective on 'following the leader.' You captured exactly my intention to do an assignment as assigned to see what I would learn from it, knowing that I can and will follow my own intuition after the fact. And I laughed and took heart from your identifying with the urge to change things and not follow directions!

  2. 1. "I just woke up, but I think I can get you to where you need to go..."
    2."Ahhhhh, this feels good- a place for everything,and everything in it's place".
    3. "Time to set up the triage area. Let's decide on priorities here".

    And that's my take. That was fun-thanks, Dotty!

    1. Laurie, love your take on these color-shape-line ditties! Very helpful, and fun to boot.

      My favorite of your takes is #1—your gift in titling art is strutting its stuff in your pairing of words to image. You really got the essence of the juxtaposition of just-woke-up and logistically-functional-nonetheless in this one!

      Amusingly, it was precisely the place-for-everything-everything-in-its-place nature of #2 that did NOT feel good to me, which makes me laugh because though I have little interest in cleaning, I DO like tidy/organized!

  3. Love the variation in the line markings in each piece. All children of the one long piece. Fun to watch their evolution as they slowly transform. Is it really hard to just STOP when the class directions say to do that? I'm thinking those pieces are whispering to you and you letting them know they have to wait a bit :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Corinna! I was aiming to create some variation in the lines, so I'm glad you could see that! I appreciate your reminder that these three pieces are all children of one long piece. I appreciate also your hunch that these children are whispering to me and I'm whispering back—if they know their mother at all, they know I'll let my inner artist out once class is over! Lighthearted repartée aside, I want to report that I AM valuing the self-discipline of sticking to the assignment as written; I'm learning stuff I think I would have missed otherwise. At the same time, I'm excited knowing I have these little self-restrained pieces in my collection now. They will bust out and continue to grow one way or another.

  4. Totally in love with the original, and then, of course, it is quickly forgotten. I love Laurie's take on these. Is it tomorrow yet? Can't wait to see further evolution :)

    1. These little guys are just gonna sit pretty for the time being. I'm giving them the time and space to be the exercises they are. However, that said, I envision that some day they themselves will evolve, OR they'll become the agents of change for some other piece. Love your asking, "Is it tomorrow yet?"!