Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lesson 5, Project 2, Exercise 1

Project 2: open grid with line. Looks pretty easy.

Yeah, well. Isn't there just always something more to learn? And isn't that such fun? It is!

The idea is to make a grid composition, leaving some blank space. All collage, no paint. Then add a single line that goes from one edge to the other.

Here's what I bump up against: the limitations of my experience with color, the way different papers respond to matte medium (buckling … grrr), and composition. Very engaging. So many puzzles to work out.

I am fascinated by what one line can do to change the dynamic.

Creamsicle, Melting
6x6", collage and ink on drawing paper

I can picture three or four of these framed and hanging in a sunny breakfast nook.

On to further interpretations of the project …


  1. OOouuuuuu, yeahhhhh. Really made it something special, that single squiggly line :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Lots to learn in these seemingly simple exercises. That single line pulled something together that wasn't together in the same way before it squiggled itself from one of the paper to the other.