Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A SNeries; #2 Spreads Magic

Here's where I left off with #2 in my SNeries. And no wonder I took a break. What a mess.

I return to it after a breather and make some changes—add a bit of quinacridone gold, some more red, a measure of white gauzy veiling to the black-lined shapes—but the changes are barely perceptible, even to me, now that I look at them!

I realize I'm trying to make something out of what I see in front of me, trying to work with it. Too much brain, too little intuition.

Trying is the operative word. Maybe I could stop trying.

Maybe I could perceive this canvas, with its layers, as nothing more than ambient noise, something surrounding me as I open my front door and step into the wide outdoors. Yes, there are multiple sounds outside my door, but I can sing a song without having to find or follow any melody in the car motors, bird-chirping, footfalls, or voices and hammer-bangs of roof carpenters.

I can just sing whatever song comes from inside me.

OK, I've got a little improv going here. Liking the tune. Liking that the roof carpenters are banging out some syncopation, a recycling truck a little bass!

I add ink scribbles; tendrils; color blocking with reddish, bluish, yellowish; masking with white.

More scribbles, oil pastels, some black.

Final touches.

Fairy Dust
8x8", acrylic, ink, and pastels on canvas paper

Two in the SNeries completed:


  1. I love this Dotty. Can't help thinking of corn. But then my dad just sent a photo of him cleaning some fresh corn cobs. (yum) LOL. This looks like a wonderful party going on. The clock is about to strike, and the balloons are ready to drop :)

    1. Sheila, thanks for your comments and impressions. Love the corn image and its (popcorn!) party counterpart. Yes to it all!

    2. LOL. It's a joyful, happy piece :)

  2. A little ocean dweller, floating along with the currents. Happy and needing no outside approval, he instinctively trusts the movement of his environment. His home!

    1. Laurie, I love your spying a little ocean dweller here floating along with the currents … HAPPY AND NEEDING NO OUTSIDE APPROVAL, INSTINCTIVELY TRUSTING THE MOVEMENT OF HIS ENVIRONMENT : )

      Thank you for bringing me back to this piece from nearly two years ago. Whatever brought you here today???