Saturday, January 23, 2016

Second Verse

I got humming a little tune yesterday as a cut-up.

Went back for more today.

Figured out, I think, how I might want that first quartet of pieces to become a unified piece of art eventually.

Then, I started all over again.

Second verse,
same as the first,
but a little bit new,
and a little bit diverse.

I love knowing that I don't know where this will go next.

cut-up 2 in progress


  1. I love the shades of blue you've added.

    1. Thanks, Joje. When I did the red cut-up I loved the reds, and when I started this blue cut-up I loved the blues! It's also fun to select what to collage—this one includes wallpaper, paint store color chips, handmade paper from my artwarmers days, a gift-store shopping bag, and ink stamped paper with bobby pin shapes!

  2. With that glorious blue again! There is some fun going on in your house! You make me feel like a kid at Christmas. I want it to me morning so I can see what this becomes :) Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your delightful comment :)

    1. The red! The blue! The fun going on in my house! Sheila, two more days left in your advent calendar, and then you'll see what this becomes : )

      Re my comments at your blog, you are more than welcome. Thanks back atcha for your kind words about my being a wordsmith!

  3. Second verse, same as the first......I'm Hen-ery the 8th I am, Hen-ery the 8th I am I am......haha!
    This is going to be a good one, Dotty! I am loving the blues, and I love your attitude going into such a fun project. I'm officially behind...I'm pedeling as fast as I can!

    1. Thanks for your shout-out for my attitude. As you may have surmised, I'm someone who tends to want structure and who plans ahead and who fusses with detail. Painting is inviting me to toss all of that up in the air to see where it falls, and to shriek in delight at the twists, turns, tummy-dropping plummets, and surprises.