Friday, January 22, 2016

Class Cut-Up

My friend Martha will remember with me the time Miss McGlynn asked to see me outside of English class one day during our senior year in high school at the American School in London. As class cut-ups go I was about as tame as they come, but I think Maggie McGlynn might have been annoyed that I stole a wee bit of her thunder. She informed me that my comments were not funny.

My respectfully kept-under-wraps internal response: Well, why did everybody laugh, then?

Today I played the role of cut-up again. To wit:

Grabbed a piece of 6x8" watercolor paper.
Painted a loose background with alizarin crimson, cadmium red, and cadmium red light.
Added collage paper in neutrals.
Mixed up some raw umber and white to knock back some of the brightness on my canvas.
Ran some scribbles through the paint with the wrong end of my brush.
Blotted up portions of paint with paper and a damp washcloth.
Wiped away portions of paint.
Reapplied the some of the blotted paint elsewhere on the canvas.
Let it all dry.
Doodled and scribbled with a Sharpie and other pens.
Traced the ink lines with wax and oil pastels.

Then cut up my piece into four quadrants.

Rearranged the quadrants.

Not sure yet what I'll do next.

work in progress


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sue. The red was calling to me and I had great fun with it. This collage stuff is new turf for me, as is cutting my work into pieces! A grand adventure.

  2. You left some empty space there Dotty, don't think you are done yet. LOL. I LOVE this just as is. Looks like a fun Valentines day card! But I know you will surprise us by making it even better :)

    1. Sheila, I'm laughing at your you-left-some-empty-space-there comment! Definitely a busy piece but I, too, liked it a lot just as is. That said, it has already changed a bit as you'll see a few posts from now, not as a Valentine's Day card, but you're on the right track. Stay tuned : )

  3. I've always enjoyed your wit and am surprised I never heard the story about Miss McGlynn. I'm eager to see the finished product.

    1. I do wonder what Maggie McGlynn thought of us ex-pats, and I wonder what she might be up to these days.

      Stay tuned for the finished cut-ups project. I think you'll like : )

  4. What a great way to do a painting! Love the cut up story, especially the thunder stealing part..hahahahahah. Must've taken quite a bit of restraint to keep that comment in! I swear those circles in your 4 pieces look like they are ready to move. I see this as an animation. Look forward to seeing what happens next.

    1. Corinna, thanks for your lovely observations—and your appreciation for the smartass in me! My friend Martha and I actually both carry the memory that I did not restrain myself from asking Miss McGlynn why everyone was laughing but, really, would I have said that aloud in class??!

      Love that you feel movement in my circles! And I love the idea of an animation. Cutting up my work takes my breath away a bit but it has opened all sorts of fun doors. However, I'm not thinking you'd follow suit with your felted pieces!


  5. I like it put in a collage, great work :)

    1. Thanks, Cindy. This piece flowed pretty freely and was fun to create. I didn't have a bunch of preconceived notions blocking the flow; always grateful when that is the case!