Friday, July 31, 2015

Fresh Air

Fiddled with my Conomo Point painting again.

Liked greening up the water and bouncing some of that green into the clouds.

But, nope.

[not for sale]

So many elements not working. Colors. Darks and lights. The sailboats. Who knows what else.

Many times, a "nope" such as this has spawned internal clouds, a low pressure system of swirling disappointment and disheartenment.

This time, though, the paint on my canvas was no more and no less than paint on my canvas. I took note, left the canvas on my easel, went about my day.

A quick decisive storm passed through a half hour later when I had occasion to see afresh the artwork that had inspired my growing series of spacious-sky renderings to begin with. The air cleared.

The colors, the darks and lights, the sailboats?—all secondary. More importantly, I'd become tight and fussy when my intention and great desire had been to paint loosely.

I've reset my intention.

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