Monday, May 29, 2017

One Heart

One of the ways I hold someone else in my heart is by painting.

I painted The Long Run with Beth in my heart. I cannot truly know the depth of her loss. Cannot know her grief, her disorientation, her resilience.

But I can paint for her and hold her in my heart.


Very few people,
maybe one,
maybe none,
stay with you for the long run.
It's a kind of miracle
if someone's with you
for the long run.
A kind of miracle,
I'd say.

—Jane McCafferty, One Heart

The Long Run
3x4"; acrylic, ink, and collage


  1. Beautiful, and lovely passage as well :) Love the lines on the left. They draw me in. Terrific mix of hard and soft, bold and "washy". balanced, but still visually exciting. Love the almost word scribbles, and the comb texture :) Perfect cool blues, and the hint of green is serene :)

    1. Sheila, thank you for keeping me going and growing—your feedback is welcome and wonderful. The lines on the left are fabric paint in an acrylic skin; the comb texture collage piece is courtesy of an Arizona artist friend who sent me some texture sheets : )

  2. oh gosh...what a beautiful post. Holding others in your heart while you paint. Wow. I am so moved by this. And the piece! The hard and soft separations have me in awe.

    1. Thanks, Jen. I do so love holding others in my heart as I create, letting the hug of me make its way to where it's palpable so I can send it along.

      Once again, thanks for feedback re the visual language of my piece. I don't know quite how the 'magic' of art takes place, but I think the feedback tucks itself somewhere inside me for later intuitive use—and I am grateful for all of it.

  3. This is a very touching piece. The message resounds in me as I am holding my sister in my heart. Really love how you have used directions so subtly in this piece. Has a calming quality!

    1. Carol, I'm glad that this piece touched you. I think of you so often as you accommodate the loss of your sister.

      Tell me what you mean by 'use directions'—not sure, though I thank you for pointing out the resulting calming quality.