Monday, May 22, 2017

Here I Am, Day Four

About twenty-five years ago, when my kids were still in my nest, I said hello to a neighborhood mom on an exceedingly hot September day, and I grumbled about the heat. No grumbles from her—she replied, "I LOVE a day like this—we have ice cream for dinner!"

Shook me right out of my curmudgeonliness!

We didn't follow suit that day but I pledged to myself and my kids that the following summer, on the first day when temps were 90 degrees or higher, ice cream for dinner.

The next year, there was not one single day when the temps rose that high.

Not one.

What the heck?!

This year, we've already had a heat wave, i.e. three consecutive days with temps higher than 90 degrees. During the third week of May!


In spring!

I love painting on summer days, in part, I think, because my first season ever of painting was summer, three years ago. Last week, on the last day of our heat wave, I cut Here I Am, Day Three in half and kept playing.

work in progress, 4.5x6"
working title: here i am
day 4


  1. Floral in the making. If I could only focus my eyes.... I might see the details.Some Summer, some shade...MMM strawberry cheesecake and pralines and creme in a cup! Got fruit, got milk, got nuts... sounds balanced to me! LOL

    1. Sheila, always love having my work 'read' by you : )

      Pass me the cheesecake, will ya please?

  2. Neapolitan ice cream is what I see here!!!! Yum! When my kids were little, Wednesdays were "dinner in a tent." We would set up a pop-up tent in the living room and eat dinner inside. Not sure how it happened, but one of my favorite memories.

    1. Dinner in a Tent sounds awesome. Love that you're not sure how it happened; might it also be the case that you don't know how/when it ended? I do miss those days when I and my ducklings spent our days together.

  3. Flying high that is wbat I see. Freedom!

    1. Yup! I was flying high and free with this layer : )