Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jan 2017 30in30, Day 5

A few pages after what I quoted previously, Natalie Goldberg, in Living Color, goes on to say:

What my father—and most of us—don't know 
is that we live on the edge of abstract most of the time. (p. 144)

I think she's onto something.


My adventuring goes this way today:

• divide yesterday's 5x8" in half,

• take one of the 4x5" halves and turn it this way and that,

• walk away and come back more than once,

• prep some food in the kitchen,

• jump back and forth between left and right brain,

• pay some bills,

• rummage through my hand-painted collage papers,

• get out paint, glue, scissors,

• find myself here, at my first completed, won't-be-cut-in-half piece of the January Challenge!

Evening Prayer
4x5"; acrylic, ink, and collage on canvas paper


  1. Love your days journey Dotty, LOL. Love that you let us join you. Love how the pink seems to be floating. Are they fence? Protection. Or doors to another dimension? Sun and moon behind. Alternate universe. Stepping stones lead the way to the beyond.
    Lord if there is an alternate... can it be one where the paint and paper never run out. Where every tool imaginable is there within reach. ?? Oh and there has to be pie. LOL. Thinking of my annual cherry pie I guess.... LOL.

    1. Thanks for all your comments and musings, Sheila.

      AND, I'm liking your reference to cherry pie. That's what I requested for my birthday 'cake' one year as a child. Nothin' better.

  2. A very interesting piece, is that yellow new or from the old. All these cutouts I get confused!!! I love the cutouts they bring everything together. Bold and strong yet there is a calmness especially in the white areas. A lesson learned, be bold Carol, it all comes out in the end!!!

    1. Re your question about the yellow—only one teeny bit came along in this half of the cutup, in the bottom left corner.

      I'm looking at the photo this morning and it appears much more stark than the piece does live. Also, Sheila referred to the pink, which is actually rust, and you referred to the white areas, and they are actually light blue—makes me realize we're all looking at illusions all the time!!!

      I'm laughing at your end comment to yourself to BE BOLD. I was bold yesterday afternoon, made marks on my next piece, and the marks completely changed the piece from one of cohesion to one of unfocused overloaded clutter. I've got my work cut out for me today!

    2. I also went after the yellow orange 5.. made some yellow circles..too timid. Then went to town with black charcoal.a mess, then smeared it and other things... I may paint or stamp... whatever I do it will be better than what it is now LOL

  3. I love the boldness of all the vertical lines.

    I'm loving following your process too. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hey, Kari! Thanks for stopping by. All the vertical lines felt bold as I glued them in place—I'm always glad for bold as at least a partial counterweight to the many times when timid holds me back. Glad to know you enjoy following process also.