Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jan 2017 30in30, Day 4

Totally having fun.

Today, my playtime goes as follows:

• cut yesterday's 8x10" into two 5x8's,

• take one 5x8" and sit with it for a bit,

• breathe out, let my thoughts drain away, see what surfaces when I breathe in,

• use a fat black paint marker to make implied ovoid shapes of some sort that run off the edges of the paper,

• use gold ink to carry yesterday's line work into today's bands of black,

• pause, and make some tiny gold circles in (and sneaking out of) the black spaces,

• think to myself, stop now?,

• but why, when I'm itchy to use a pipette (idea from Kari Melen) to scribble some yellow house paint?;

• don't have a pipette but improvise with an empty squeeze bottle courtesy of Clairol hair coloring!

I repeat: totally having fun.

January 2017 30in30 Challenge, Day 4
5x8"; acrylic, pencil, and ink on canvas paper

work in progress


  1. This has a delicate, ornate, Asian feel. Reverant. And then BAM. A graphic golden chain. Love it Dotty!!

    1. Sheila, as ever, your feedback pulls me out of my own land-locked perceptions and lets me stand outside myself to see what I've painted in a new light. Not only that, but you state your thoughts beautifully (with a painterly touch, so to speak). Thank you!

    2. LOL, thank you Dotty :) You are a joy!

  2. I see a landscape here, and so much more. Love how that brain works, Dotty!

    1. I was surprised to see a riverscape when I stepped back from painting—tree trunks and vines in foreground on the near bank of a small river, then the river, finally trees and such on the far bank and in the distance.

      Thanks, Laurie!

  3. Two shocks in one day!!!Started to read the mental and physical process and then on to the piece. I loved the strong black physical marks, and the mimicking gold marks, and then the house-paint certainly is strong and very demanding on the eye. Have to look at more to really know how I feel about it.
    The second shock, not for public, maybe in an e-mail.

    1. Book id finally on it's way!! Counting the days!!!!

    2. Carol, thanks for your comments, as always. I would have hesitated more in the past, I think, to impose those strong black marks and/or the demanding yellow scribble, but I seem to be in adventure mode, or exploratory mode, happy to keep bushwhacking along and seeing where I find myself. I look forward to a possible email from you. Glad your book is on its way; I'll be eager to hear what you think of it.