Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pinwheel of Pain and Possibility

A few weeks ago I decided I'd use a set of lessons in a downloaded workshop as my primary focus during the January 30-in-30 painting challenge.

By day two, already laughing: ya just never know what the lessons will be!

The stated lesson might be using grids in composition, with a starting task of creating several color swatches in varied tints, tones, and shades of a chosen color—in my case, yellow-green blended from chromium oxide green and cadmium yellow light hue.

The lived experience might include bristles falling out of my brush and getting stuck on my swatches. Might include still not liking the friction of the paper I purchased. Might include fighting feelings of scarcity—I'm going to post color swatches as my painting of the day?

More than once?

As part of the 30-in-30 challenge?

So. There is some pain. Some grouchiness. Some vulnerability.

But. There is some fun. Some laughing at myself with genuine pleasure. This is why I paint, for Pete's sake: to explore, to engage in learning, to bump into parts of myself that I usually keep under wraps.

In the same way that I step back from a painting to see the big picture, I step back from my pain and see possibility.

Woo hoo—wonder what I'll make with my color swatches!, wonder who I'll be at the end of January!

color swatches, 2


  1. You had me at Pinwheel! LOL. The intrigue is building!

  2. Sheila, your enthusiasm and support are a gift!

  3. Yes!

    I recognize all of this: wanting to 'finish' something every day.
    But the process is so interesting, too! I forget that sometimes.
    Maybe is it even more interesting (however: I also like results ;-)


    1. Simone, I so appreciate this extended art discussion we've been having for several months now. Thank you for your comments. Again, your identifying with my wanting to 'finish' something every day helps me loosen my own hold. yay! The process IS engaging, and my engagement is deeper and more conscious than ever before. Now, off I go into my day. Shopping for groceries is next on the list.