Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bringing Action to Intention

Stopped at Norway Center Friday morning on my way to visit Futh.

Felt a little jumbled and tumbled:

Snow on the ground.
Gone the astonishing temperate mosquito-less days of summer.
Gone Futh's sitting out front in his lawn chair, pork pie hat in place.
Gone Muth—though cells deep in my body still leaned forward anticipating she'd be perched in the lobby and brighten when I leaned over to kiss her.

Instead, Georgia in the lobby ready to give and receive a hug. Happy to receive our donation to the Norway Center Resident Council fund. Delighted to take into custody my painting, now with its project-in-process moniker, Norway 1, having yielded to its permanent title, Norway Pines in Norway, Maine.

As I left, I punched in the necessary code to unlock the front door. A changed code reflecting a changed month, a changed year, my changed life.

I swung the door open.

No code needed for my heart to open with love and gratitude for the residents and staff of Muth's home for the final months of her life.

Norway Pines in Norway, Maine
7x5", acrylic, ink, and pastels on canvas paper
[not for sale]


  1. Love the finished picture and all of the words in your blog. Tissues needed long before getting to the end. Beautiful and touching in every way, Dotty. Thank you for handling everything on our behalf and leaving a part of you with them.

    1. Joany, thanks so much for your warm support and enthusiasm and for being part of our contributing to the NC Resident Council fund. I was so glad to deliver our donation and my painting in person.

  2. Wonderful painting. Those dark pines and the distant background. Lucky recipient! And of course, I love the whole a part of yourself to something so meaningful to you.

    1. Laurie, thanks for your comments. The dark pines and distant background appealed to me, too. I painted them from an internal conglomerate snapshot of many rides to and from my folks' house and Norway Center. As you may recall, my idea is that the recipient will be recipients—I've put the painting in care of the activities director with my wishes that it live an itinerant life at Norway Center, spending time with whomever might most welcome it at any given time.