Thursday, July 12, 2018

What I Am Today

A frozen caliper grinding away in my rear brakes.

A fresh sparkly windy July day with dry air.

A handmade knockoff Cabbage Patch doll with Chapstick all over his face.

Two dried prunes.

An improbable storyline unspooling in a novel.

An eighth-grade watercolor painting of a black canvas shoe.

A bunch of scraps, glue, straightedges, oil pastel.


Inner stillness.

Raynaud Buckles Up and Walks the Train Trestle
4x5"; acrylic, latex, India ink, watercolor, collage, and oil pastel


  1. Love your question and it's many answers! Room for thought and speculation. Love that small lt blue resting patch!

    1. Thanks for the feedback about the resting patch, Carol. And, yes, room for thought and speculation—room for being.

  2. I love to read that there is inner stillness and spaciousness underneath! Thank you for reminding, I know painting is all about that, but tend to forget it. I love that you put it for sale! I tend to forget about that too!

    1. I went in and out of spacious inner stillness, landing there for a long stretch once I completed "Raynaud." It is more often than not the human experience to move in and out of consciousness. Yup: for sale. I've got a series going : )

  3. Your post today reads like poetry. I can see you standing at a microphone under a spotlight in a crowded room, reading these words. The audience is silent, listening, hanging on your words.

    And this PIECE! Off-kilter and hurly-burly in a way that makes me smile. You are a rock star!

    1. Wow, Jen! Thank you for painting the picture of me at the mike! Grateful for your 'off-kilter and hurly-burly way that makes me smile' feedback re today's painting.

  4. Your banner has had me thinking of Pilgrims. But really stylish, modern Pilgrims. LOL. This has me thinking of travel, a glorious journey to gorgeous parts of the world. Love it Dotty :)

  5. ooo, fun that "Raynaud" has you thinking of travel. I certainly 'traveled' internally as I created it.

    Stylish modern Pilgrims—that's who we are, Sheila, journeying to sacred places through the act of painting : )