Friday, July 27, 2018

Losing All Track of Time

So, yeah, had a long list of tasks I wanted to accomplish today but, right after I meditated, I went to my studio as is my practice early every afternoon. Next thing I knew it was no longer 1230p.

My painting-in-process changed.

My list did not.

started defining blossoms,
created a bit of shadow
used negative space—love what that does!
reflected a little light off the foliage,
added some playfulness to the blossoms

work in progress


  1. I love it when I loose track of time! Really doesn't matter what the result is, the process seems almost magical as it moves it it's own motion as if we are just the vehicle. Not good at words. See where this is going, I think. Love the more simplistic forms, but that said also love your scratches!

    1. Carol, love your description of being in flow, that feeling where 'the process seems almost magical as it moves in its own motion as if we are just the vehicle.' YES!

      Also appreciate the simplistic-scratchy feedback : )

  2. Those little wobbly squares are like glistening ice cubes in an unexpected place! What a wonderful, whimsical way to get the light reflecting....delightful.

    1. Oh, fun to have your affirming feedback re the ice-cube light bouncing off blossoms! Thanks, Jen! In a piece of this sort I find there's a captivating dance going on between some anchoring 'realism' and devil-may-care whimsy.

  3. LOVE the jagged splats (palette knife?), LOVE the added texture on the vase, LOVE the wonky square fun, LOVE the light :)
    Just makes me smile Dotty :)

    1. Sheila, flower-child friend of mine, thanks for your feedback! The jagged splats came from palette knife and/or edge of starbucks card. Glad you like the wonky square fun—glad I dared to play with it. And the light, yup, makes a difference, doesn't it?