Friday, July 6, 2018

Lettin' Loose, Loosely Speaking

Before our recent art playdate, Joan said, I need to loosen up … a problem I've always had with my art. I can't seem to move forward.

She was singin' my song.

Painting in Joan's company was terrific. I felt honor bound to the shared yearning we'd identified.

Two days out and working solo again, though, I feel attachment and fussiness nipping at my heels.

But, with Joan's and my time together as a beacon, I take a deep breath, cut my page into quadrants, and plunge into the water come what may.

detail, work in progress


  1. First let me state that your "lack of looseness" is just your state of mind! You are a fearless warrier!

    1. Thanks for your affirmation, Carol. Woo hoo! I'm a fearless (sometimes fussy) warrior!