Thursday, June 7, 2018


You know that PIP feature on your television or computer, the Picture in Picture program that allows footage to open in a smaller floating window that remains in front of whatever else is open on the screen?

newest patch: PIP!
newest patch, zoomed in
new patch: PIPIP!
work in progress
working title: Core Values

a little history:

taped a space; painted over previous occupant 
established some colors
kept working the patch
 didn't like it
reworked (i.e. overworked) it
went back to ground zero,
foraged in my collection of handpainted papers
and past painting studies,
totally recreated the patch


  1. Hadn't heard of PIP! Love the focal of the flowered patch. Yay to hand-painted papers!

  2. Whoa! Do I have PIP? I need to look for that! Love the impact in the overall piece. You, my dear, are GENIUS!

  3. Replies
    1. I love this one, too, Sheila! It came about as I tried one thing and another, responding to what I think of in hindsight as creative triggers rather than the missteps they felt like at the time.