Monday, March 12, 2018

A Little History

A little history behind An Invitation You Are Not Permitted to Decline:

The 'prompt' was this year's fireside chat with Wendy.

I wanted to capture in one painting both the feeling of the literal warmth-and-glow of a fire and the figurative warmth-and-glow of deep easy friendship.

Big challenge.

Way fun, though!

took an old painting I never liked
and squeezed dollops of fresh paint on it
moved the paint around—
first layer of coverup
added paint
penciled in geometric lines
committed to the geometric lines
with my unpredictable ink applicator
created an acrylic skin
on scribbles of latex paint
began building a collage sheet
on a discarded book jacket
completed the collage sheet
started affixing collage
added snippets of acrylic skin 
did some micro-tweaking (thank you for input, Sylvia!), and … ta da!
come join us fireside for a chat!

An Invitation You Are Not Permitted to Decline
6x6"; acrylic, latex, India ink, pastel, and collage on canvas board


  1. Ahhhh, yes... even better. Again. LOL The depth is even more pronounced, and the skins, some of them seem to be doing cart wheels and dancing. :) very Cirque du Soleil ;)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Happy to hear that the depth has deepened. And I love your Cirque du Soleil allusion—yes! Lithe acrobats doing cartwheels and dancing!

  2. Oh how beautiful, to see the development of this painting in one whole blog post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for affirming the 'history' post, Simone. Especially for a piece such as this one, which went through some distinct phases and which developed over a period of many days, I like having a record of process. Glad you liked seeing it also!

  3. Great Post - thanks for showing all the pictures of this painting's journey. Subtle tweeks and voila!!

    1. Thanks, Janet. I hadn't anticipated those final tweaks but had such fun putting them in place and am pleased with the outcome. Enjoy your day—painting at all?

  4. Never decline an invitation! Although I can't find the tweaks great post. Has an enormous amount of warmth of all kinds. Are your chats virtual or better still REAL?

    1. Now I see it! I was looking at 2 versions of the same painting! DUH! Looks like you painted a film of red?

    2. Thanks, Carol—appreciate your pointing out that this piece has an 'enormous amount of warmth of all kinds.' Yay!

      Wendy's and my chats are REAL, in front of her fireplace. We've kept that annual appointment/tradition for years now : )

      My micro-tweaks consisted almost entirely of breaking up the linework in a number of places with small veils. Now some of the lines are visually "broken," creating little suprises. The addition of the small veils creates more depth because now the lines are less uniformly the top layer. The lines are also softened as a result.

  5. Thank you, Dotty, for honoring our fireside chats with such a warm, glowing, lovely piece. I am with my mother in Indiana and shared your blog, the history, and the final piece. She, too, is an artist (still taking lessons at 92) and loved seeing the progression of your work. Me too. It is not only an invitation that cannot be declined, but an invite that forever will be given. ❌⭕️💕

    1. Hey, Wendy! Fun, yes? Just had to get our fireside chat(s) onto canvas : )

      LOVE that your mom is still taking art lessons! Tell her I say hi AND want to know where her blog is!

      Let's get rid of this crazy weather and take a walk soon.