Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Slapstick 12/27/17

Ya know how some people look like a million bucks, even if they just got dragged out of deep sleep unexpectedly in the middle of the night, or if they just came in from a wind storm?

Not this gal. This gal came from who knows where, was overdue for a hair cut, hadn't run a comb through her hair, had bed-head somethin' fierce.

But she cleaned up pretty well. I took her to a hair stylist who pampered her with shampoo and conditioner, gave her a good trim, and blew her hair dry to a glossy shine. I bought her some eyeliner on the way home, gave her money to choose an on-trend outfit, and surprised her with some new jewelry.


I Have to Put On My Face, Be Right Back
3x4"; acrylic, latex, India ink, collage, and pastels on paper,
mounted on three layers of cardstock


  1. She is all ready to face another stormy day! She knows where to come when she needs a lift! Love those yellow blobs.

    1. Hi, Carol, thanks for your comments : )

      The yellow bling was really fun to add—those spatters were the playful costume jewelry that provided just the right finishing touch.

  2. Hahahaha! LOVE this post. I can just make out an eye, a nose, and a top lip in the three largest brown forms. And frilly fancy duds. A vague sense of fireworks going off. Oh yeah, She is a superstar!!!

    1. Sheila, always love your seeing eye—such a gift. The fireworks are celebrating the birthday for which this was sent as a card : )