Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I work on another bookmark today, a scrappy little one.

I scissored Quick & Quixotic into 10 pieces in October, and this morning the second of two narrow cut-ups pushes itself into my field of vision, as does a bunch of rectilinear scraps that had become paper 'tiles' in the service of an entirely different studio undertaking.

I decide to run with what's calling out to me.

I puzzle over how to bring a skinny, muted, kinda blah strip of unstretched painted canvas together with slick black & white tiles from a printed postcard that had featured strong graphic design.

blah strip of canvas
I fiddle with glazing medium and a catalyst tool to add texture to the canvas. I add color with a matte knife.

work in progress
1.5x6"; unstretched canvas
working title: q&q cut-up #5

I snip, arrange, and reconfigure the bold black & white tiles. Then I push all the tiles aside. 

I set everything on a tray and opt to let the gathered elements percolate overnight.


  1. I wouldn't call it blah, just a bit dull or muted. You have blown life with the bright colors winding their way up and down. Love the canvas texture peeking through.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Carol. I was eager and pleased to blow a little drama into the dull, a little melody into the muted. Got me engaged and pointed in a direction.

  2. I love what's happening at nighttime. I wonder what all the paintings do while we are asleep ;-)

    1. What DO all the paintings do while we are asleep?! They must do something, don't you think?