Friday, September 1, 2017


I never know if or when an app will come into play with any given painting.

By app I mean application of something I practiced in a class lesson, or learned in a book, or noticed in someone else's art.

Today I 'downloaded' all sorts of 'apps' and pressed them into service:

• the contrast app
• the variety app
• the complementary colors app
• the transparency/opacity app
• the lines app
• the veiling app
• the neutrals app
• the negative space app, and
• the sunny, blue-skied, late summer day app.

Before, during, after:

from this 8x10" start,

to this 4x5" quadrant,

to this coverup,

to a completed painting.

Those Hours Spent in the Resplendent Light of the Outer Orchard
4x5"; acrylic, ink, pencil, and soluble pastels on paper,
mounted on manila stock


  1. Wait! What? I thought... WHOA!!! Way cool!!! You sure do know your apps Dotty ;)

  2. First thanks for the process photos... let me into your thought process a bit! Marvelous!! WOW that you used all your apps. Love the white shapes and added green. I have soooo much to learn!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Carol. Glad I thought to include the process photos—I never get tired of seeing others' process photos, and I learn a tremendous amount from them, so I like to pay forward such sharing.

      We'll always have soooo much to learn, don't you think?, no matter what we may already know! The white shapes and added green were sparked by tapping into and bringing my own creative energy to little nuggets from Jane Davies, Nicholas Wilton, and art images on Instagram.

  3. Wow is right. I LOVE this, Dotty- the colors, the shapes (yes, you also used your shapes app), the energy and movement. But especially these colors.

  4. holy mackerel! This is INCREDIBLE! Is it still available???????

    1. Thanks, Jen! And, yes, it's still available.

    2. Then mark it SOLD! It's MINE! Email me with the how to's. SO EXCITED!

    3. Going, going, SOLD to Jen! I'll email you in a bit. I, too, and SO EXCITED! Thank you!