Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wedding Celebration

Simone is an online art friend whose paintings have spoken to me since I first saw them a year ago. The 9x12" start I created a few days ago was influenced directly by her current work. The whole time I painted, I felt as childlike and free and immersed and contented as I always feel when I see her paintings.

Then I got a little stuck and discontented and tight, so I cut my 9x12" start into nine 3x4's.

Then I got stuck again and lost my sense of play, even with the teeny canvases.

After that, thoughts shared by Jane Davies in the recent 100 Drawings workshop I took opened me to adventure again. Whew!

With renewed spirit, I took steps forward to create a card for the wedding of the daughter of longtime friends of ours. The ceremony and reception were joyous and laughter-rich and love-filled, as Emily and Jeff took the steps forward to commit themselves to the chances and changes of painting a life together.

I figured if they could take the risk to get married, surely I could take the risk to paint them a little card!

Wedding Celebration!
3x4", acrylic, ink, collage, and pastels on drawing paper
(mounted on background papers and 4.5x5.5" card stock)
9x12" start from which above card was cut and created


  1. What a lovely gift. Way to go! You really made a transformation with this cut out!

  2. Awesome Dotty! So joy filled and fun! I love Simone's work!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Joy-filled and fun = the marriage that the card honors!

      I love Simone's work, too.

  3. Oh, how I love your descriptions and beautiful, soul filled work. Lucky bride and groom!

    1. Hi Laurie! Thanks for your kind words. Only minutes before heading off to the wedding I was drying the card with my hair-dryer so I could pop it into an envelope!

    2. Dotty, laughing at the image of you blow drying this card moments before walking out the door with it!

    3. It was pretty funny! In fact, I had put no pressure on myself to have the card AT the wedding, but in the end I was so close to having it ready that I decided to go for it—hence the blow drier : )