Monday, December 5, 2016


Ironic that autumn leaves have dropped from the trees, darkness is leaving later every morning and coming earlier every afternoon … and yet I feel like I'm waking up from a long hibernation into a personal vernal regeneration. I sure haven't been asleep for the past 10+ weeks—anything but!, but I've been almost completely at a remove from my usual studio life. Now I seem to be blinking my eyes and stretching my limbs, looking around with a sense of newness.

I'm tender. Vulnerable. At the mercy of the elements.

A warm wind caresses me in the form of a comment Jane Davies made in response to a classmate's Lesson 10 post:

I rarely see overworked pieces in a class. If you aren't happy with a piece, then it is under-worked. You can only move forward (when working with physical materials as opposed to digital media, which is why I think we have more to gain from the challenge of physical materials). This is part of the process: it's like life—you don't get do-overs, so you have to keep going with what you have. 

Thank you, Jane! That was just the right message for me in this moment. I was getting precious—AGAIN!—even with colorful little 3x4" bits of paper meant to be adventures and experiments. Your words opened the door for me to move forward.

I wonder where this will go next.

tiny canvas #2, work in progress


  1. First, thanks for sharing Jamie's comment. I often feel that pieces are overworked,and sense a brick wall and can't move ahead. Your piece has bright colors and a positive direction,like new growth. Love the inverted black shapes.
    Here I am,in bed,6:15 am, writing on Fire tablet and looking at the image on my phone. Soon off to class!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Fun that you picked up on those inverted black shapes—they tickled my fancy, too!

  2. Lovely, bright. I see abstracted flowers, stamen, leaves. Joyful :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. This painting is a little snippet of contentment and joy and peace for me—I actually painted it a number of days before posting, and the days since have been more at the frazzled and disgruntled and discordant end of the spectrum. I love having this talisman to return to.