Friday, August 19, 2016

Trail of Crumbs

So many mini-adventures, starting several days ago with an exploration of line and pastel that skidded into mediocre and incited a bunch of subsequent bold and irreverent moves.

Nine more tiles found a home today.

In addition to their own recent history of graphite crayon and rubbing alcohol, matte medium and silicone catalyst tool, chalk pastels and workable fixative, the tiles also joined forces with more distant history.

To wit, I mounted them on handmade paper from a collection generated roughly 15 years ago when I used to amass all my junk mail, sort it by color, chop it into small pieces with my paper trimmer, churn all the pieces into pulp with water in a kitchen blender, use a mold and deckle to strain the water and shape the pulp into a wet 'sheet,' press the sheet onto a discarded piece of laminate counter top from a kitchen reno done in 1992, and let the sheet dry in the sweet heat of a summer day on our back deck.

Today, I next mounted the assembled-tiles-and-handmade-paper on a square cut from a magazine acquired at a museum we visited in Bennington, VT, in March this year.

Finally, I mounted the tiles, handmade paper, and magazine square on a wallpaper sample from a 2013 kitchen reno.

Ta da!

Thumbnail Gallery #2
4x5"graphite, acrylic, pencil, and pastels on canvas paper mounted on handmade paper, card stock, and wallpaper


  1. I love it, Dotty! Perfect color combos and texture. And I loved Emmy's painting. She has inherited Grandma's talent.
    And I would love to sit together one day, too! To paint and talk as we go!!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Such fun when the colors and textures sing. Artist Emmy will be arriving on my doorstep after a 10-hour drive in a little over an hour. CAN'T WAIT. She and I will have fun talking art. I think I get more from her art than she does from mine; she is my mentor for bypassing overthinking in favor of just having fun.

      Speaking of 10-hour drives, you and I have to get our geography sorted out so we can some day do that painting and talking as we go.

  2. Love this Dotty. The fuchsia, the turquoise, the pale greeny blue. Makes me smile :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Fun to have you point out colors that catch your eye.