Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rustling Up Some Focus

I do love me some line.

I do love me some layering.

I do love me some black & white.

Here's my focus this week—experiments with line and layering in black and white.

I also love me some opportunity to work en plain air, and this focus on line and layering allows for me to sit on my front steps basking in both art and fresh air.

Experiment #1:

PaperMate Sharpwriter #2 pencil
Lyra graphite crayon 2B
Pilot P-700 fine black pen
Faber-Castell PITT artist pen 1,5 (whatever 1,5 means)
Faber-Castell PITT artist pen SB (super bold?)
uni-ball Signo broad white pen
Neocolor II Aquarelle gray water-soluble wax pastel
Sargent Art gray chalk pastel

thin lines
thick lines
left-handed lines
right-handed lines
lines that make shapes
lines with loops
squiggly lines
continuous lines made with overlapping dashes

I fixed half with Utrecht matte medium applied with a brush and half with Weber Reworkable Blue Label Fixatif spray to see both what would happen in application (some smudging with the matte medium, no smudging with the spray) and to see later what will happen when I start layering with paint.

lines #1, 9x12"

Experiment #2:

Derwent pastel pencils, black and white
Gallery Mungo soft oil pastels, black and gray
PaperMate Sharpwriter #2 pencil
PITT artist pen, black soft chisel
Pigma Micron 05

thick segmented lines
thin segmented lines
looping lines
wavy lines
left-handed lines
right-handed lines
lines scribing circles
diagonal lines

fixed with reworkable fixatif spray

lines #2, 9x12"

Experiment #3:

PITT artist pen 1,5
PITT artist pen B (bold?) black
PITT artist pen B gray
Pigma Micron 01
Reeves wax pastel
Prismacolor black charcoal pencil, medium

rectilinear lines
left-handed lines
right-handed lines
hatch marks

fixed with reworkable fixatif spray

lines #3, 9x12"


  1. Like your paintings, Dotty! Good to see them.

    I had difficulty today with the assignment. I am getting restless: I want to do my own stuff! I felt the same when I was doing the last (colour)-class. I am now fearing that this whole 10 weeks I will feel stressed out because I want to work on my own work AND I want to be a good girl and do my homework properly AND I I don't want to waste this money spent on the course... (sorry other readers, for this probably boring jane-davies-course-talk)

    p.s.: I love your Utrecht matte medium, since I live in that city! ;-)

    p.s. 2: thanks for the 'spray'-tip. I DO NOT like the matte medium smearing everything around.

    1. Thanks for weighing in on my paintings and on the start of the JD class. I totally hear what you're saying about feeling restless and wanting to do your own stuff. Two thoughts about the class: (1) You could set a limit for yourself, for example, I will give (no more than) 30 minutes per day to the class, and (2) you could look at your participation in the class and its resulting restlessness as fuel for your inner development as a painter. You are not wasting time or money, you are experiencing an energy boost towards what you are most compelled to paint.

      Love the Utrecht connection!

      I haven't painted on top of the spray fixative yet, but I'm assuming there will be far less smudging than with matte medium.

      On we go!