Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pieces Fall into Place

Have you ever fiddled with a number slide puzzle?

Remember how satisfying it is, after trial and error and failed strategies and near misses, to finally have all the numbers line up in order?

Look at this little thumbnail gallery, with each piece carefully curated and placed just so!

You can start back here if you'd like to review the early growth and development of this current project.

Here's how today's part of the painting ended up growing into itself:

I had 35 one-inch square paper tiles cut from my 5x7" start.
I wanted to arrange nine of the squares into a mosaic.
I grabbed an old calendar poster to use its glossy white back as temporary 'grout' while testing possible tile arrangements.
However, a mauve section on the front of the poster waved its hand at me. Oh!
By positioning pieces carefully—over the word September!—I had just enough space for nine tiles.
The arrangement and colors jumped to life.
So magical!
I glued the pieces in place and pulled out my paper scraps collection.
I mounted the tiles-on-mauve on a sheet of creamy paper from a past Christmas project.
I mounted the tiles-on-mauve-on-creamy on a sheet of gold from a past greeting card project.
So satisfying.

Thumbnail Gallery #1
5x4", graphite, acrylic, pencil, and pastels on canvas paper mounted on card stock


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    1. Thanks, Simone! I don't know if you followed the link in my post back to see the entire evolution of this project but "Thumbnail Gallery #1" SO isn't anywhere I knew I'd be going. What I love is that, in keeping with Nicholas Wilton's timely post yesterday Aug 18, I painted from what I FELT just enough more than FROM MY HEAD to let my art become "simply more like [me]".