Saturday, April 30, 2016

Whatcha Up To?

Walked a few miles with Dave before sunup.
Drove Laur and Mack to Logan to catch their flight to GA.
Did some tutorial prep.
Vacuumed upstairs.
Enjoyed a coffee date at Zumi's with Dave.
Wrote some email messages.
Prepared a bunch of food.
Visited briefly with John and Mary.
Indulged in some time on the internet investigating the work of several artists.
Read a few chapters in Flora and Ulysses.
Continued culling pix from iPhoto.
Painted (and painted) (and painted) (and painted):

started playing with a birthday card idea

mounted Stria #2 on colored background papers and then on card stock

scratched a b&w itch by beginning a postcard

worked on SNeries #3


  1. Mounted Stria #2- familiar..the boat, the landscape, but now maybe an attempt to anchor? The black and white beginning will be something fantastic.
    I feel it in my bones.
    I sure like your tones.
    I can see it from here.
    I don't need no drones.
    And that's a rhyme!
    I love the shaded area of the first one's objects- stones? OH NO, another rhyme.
    And the last one- says Dotty all over it. And yes you do have a graphic design bone or two in your body!

    1. Laurie, I'm thoroughly enjoying your commentary, thanks for all thoughts complimentary, nothing to make me contrary, your support is like a good fairy!

      I kept sticking my finger in different pies yesterday—had great fun dabbling in this, that and the other. My art of late has been a bit like looking something up on the web … I go to look up one thing, and hours later find yourself somewhere else entirely and can barely figure out how to retrace my steps! Today I plan to refocus. And, ultimately, I'm eager to find my way back to the online class I started in January : )

  2. ha! Love how you do go astray, and laughing at Laurie's rhyming ways! Funness!

    1. Going astray is not my usual modus operandi, but evidently that's where my art is taking me—and my pledge to myself when I opened the door to painting was to listen to my heart. I guess it's telling me it's time for a walk on the wild side with some attention deficit disorder!

      Laurie's on a roll with her rhymes, yes? Indeed, funness!