Friday, April 29, 2016

Start to Finish

Pulled out a postcard start I'd made earlier in the month and polished it into readiness for a journey through the post once its turn comes up in the queue.

Pressed into service in short order:

• gray acrylic hanging out on my stay-wet palette,
• plastic needlepoint canvas for texture,
• black ink,
• silver ink,
• brush and black acrylic,
• white ink,
• teal ink,
• white wax pastel.


Note smudges again!

Postcard 23
4x5", acrylic and ink on manila stock
[not for sale]


  1. I think smudges are super :) love the repeating shapes and the beading along the bottom. (Or top or side) The teal is a terrific topper offer too!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I like the smudges, too! The beading along the bottom came from using (and not know how to use) a stencil on my start; talk about smudges—very messy! It was fun to rescue them.

  2. I love fudge,
    I love smudge,
    I won't budge.

    And that's a rhyme.
    This is awesome again, Dotty. I think you need to get your designs out there to the world-interior designers, etc! So eclectic, vibrant, energetic!

    1. I love your comments,
      I love your two cents,
      I won't prevents!

      And that's a rhyme, too : )

      I was just reflecting yesterday that I am so absorbed in my creative explorations that I haven't given thought or attention to promoting sale of my work for ages. Hmmm …

      Thanks for your encouragement and votes of confidence.

  3. Yeah, what Laurie said! I've been gathering little bits of stuff from Leslie's AHA newsletter. She is figuring out as she goes along. I like seeing it's available.
    Love the new's like a dialogue, between the two.
    Also, the new one...the little smudgies at the bottom are giggling and moving around, buzzing with excitement. I swear they are moving. YOu look like you are having a blast. So glad you share your process with us all.

    1. Corinna, thanks so much for your comments. I've been reading Leslie's blog regularly, each time nodding, thinking: yup, and yup, and yup. And then I go back to painting! All in good time, yes?

      Glad you like the new header. Love the image of dialogue : )

      I appreciate your impressions of the new postcard above; you may remember it was an ugly duckling a short while ago, and now it is giggling and moving around, buzzing with excitement; it's grown into itself in fine style!

      Thanks for letting me know you're glad I share my process. I've done a lot of that lately and wondering if it was "too much."