Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Starbucks Scarf

While at my dad's in Bethel over the weekend, the weather offered up a mix of sunshine, blue sky, charcoal clouds, dove clouds, white clouds, downpours, drizzle, snow showers, hail showers, and a touch of wind for good measure, all of it cold.

But I was toasty warm with my postcard scarf, inspired by the knit muffler worn by a woman who purchased a soy latté last week at Starbucks.

Postcard 20
acrylic, ink, and wax pastels on manila stock
[not for sale]


  1. Snow, rain, blue sky. Yup I see I see it all. This looks like a warm fuzzy quilt ready for snuggling. Love how the bird stamp is in a patch of blue sky. :)

    1. Sheila, I'm laughing in delight; when I did my painting and doodling, I never once thought of snow, rain, or blue sky, but—sure enough!—there they all are : )

      I knew in advance that the stamp would go in the space where you now see but, again, I didn't think of it in advance as sky, nor did I have any idea it would have all the scarf colors in it. Fun!

  2. This postcard looks like it is vibrating! Fun to see where it started as stripes into what it is today, filled with all those vibrating textures and giant circles. Must have been really fun to make!

    1. Thanks, Corinna. Tickled to hear that this piece is sending its energy to you! It was indeed fun to knit up. As ever, I started in one place—in this case a fairly straightforward place of stripes and colors, very linear and blocky. Then, my knitting needles got flying with ideas and energy and I ended up in a different place—softer, warmer, more textured : )

  3. Hi Dotty,
    Don't know what a muffler is, but it sounds really warm and cosy!
    Love your postcards,

    1. Thanks, Simone. Muffler is a synonym for scarf : )

      Each time I go to visit my dad, I get to see the tidy stack of postcards I've sent him, which he collects on a small table perched beside the loveseat where I often sit to create those very same postcards! So sweet that he keeps them.