Thursday, April 14, 2016

Postcard as Laboratory

I've had a number of painting elements running through my mind:

quiet space
pattern …

A 4x5" bit of manila stock offers up such a tidy and inviting space in which to experiment.

Created another postcard start.

postcard start, acrylic


  1. I wonder why it is I get your posts last thing at night. And here it is, today's post, and the time says 11:13 am. Hmmmm If I were a computer geek I would know! LOL

    I LOVE this as it is Dotty. So fresh! Exciting but not overpowering. Love the warm white, the shades of grey, (and I don't even like grey that much). Love the imprints, varying shades. Dotty this reminds me of a great graphic poster or postcard... Brings to mind Toulouse-Lautrec and that time period and crowd.
    Still staring.
    Taking it in because I know it has likely already morphed into something else. :)

    1. Hi Sheila. Re posting: I manually post to my blog each day, usually somewhere between 200-300p Eastern time, but sometimes later. Feedburner delivers to subscribers between 100-300a Eastern time, which means you'd receive an email between 1000p-100a Pacific time as long as Feedburner's operating as advertised. Don't know if that sheds light on your wonderings or not!

      I'm very pleased with this postcard too, and I appreciate your articulating the specifics that speak to you. And I won't complain about keeping company with Toulouse-Lautrec!

      The concentric grays are actually shades of Hunter's Green. For the moment this postcard start is intact. However, it is going traveling to VA with me this weekend because I know I'll be itchy to be creating something, and these postcards make easy traveling companions—I bring along a few in an latter-day Fisher-Price case (not sure what it housed originally) with wax pastels, some pencils, and a mess of ink pens. I agree, though, that this card stands pretty well graphically as it, so let's see if I can keep myself to a light touch should I embellish it while in VA!

  2. Love your experiments, Dotty!
    Nice how you summed up what aspects you gave attention. Helps me too to stay sharp. Especially the quiet space ...;-)


    1. Thanks, Simone! Sometimes having underlying principles in mind guides me beneficially; sometimes I lose some spontaneity. Finding my way, always finding my way! I've had quiet space in mind recently, having lost track of it for awhile.

  3. Dotty, I love this! This graphic design needs to go places.....i agree with everything Sheila said. Would say more, but too hard on my little cell phone! Evolving.........that's you. Never know what's coming next!

    1. Laurie, thanks for commenting while away—today was a 10+ hour travel day for me so I am also now away! Enjoying grandchildren now : )

      Thanks for your salute to my evolving!

  4. All settled in now? That is quite a hike!
    this piece makes me feel like there is a dialogue going on between the big shape in the left corner and the energetic red shape at the top...all the swirling energy, whispers , giggles floating around in the air. That big shape has real punch and I love how it is situated in its space. Have fun creating with your kiddos today...I know they will love it, too!

    1. Corinna, thanks for stopping by! Yes, in place in VA : ) We departed 200a, arrived 1200p. Heaven to be here with favorite people!

      Love your responses to my postcard start, all of which will inform whatever next steps I take. The dialogue aspect is very appealing.

      Kids and I have already whiled away a long stretch of happy art time together this morning.