Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fourth Egg Hatches

A distinct part of Thursday's fun was discovery. More and more, I approach a painting with a mindset of not knowing.

Here's what I did know:
• gentle rain was falling on the skylight over my head, pattering away and keeping me company;
• I'd just had my hair washed, cut, and styled to my liking; and
• I wanted to paint the fourth in my stripes series, using the start I'd created a few days ago.

But I had no idea where I would go with those stripes, with that start.

I had no preconceived picture in my mind. I was not setting out to paint a neon orange mooring buoy left high and dry on rocks in an inlet on the Annisquam River at low tide against a backdrop of early summer trees in full leaf.

I was setting out to make one mark, and then another.

I love the pas de deus involved in not knowing, in being open to following the lead of intuition when it reaches out to take me in its embrace.

Nest is full to bursting now:

Stria #4
3.5x3.5", acrylic, collage, and ink on canvas paper
[not for sale]

Growth and development:

Full complement of four hatchlings:


  1. This last one is very elegant to me, and for some reason makes me think of a fine ancient cloth. Love them all Dotty :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Fun to hear your impressions. I can totally see the fine ancient cloth. This last piece has now been made into a card. I'll try to remember to take a pic and post it.