Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A SNeries, Day 4

Day 3 ended with clutter every which way.

But, it occurs to me, maybe it's not clutter and disarray and mayhem, even though that's how it strikes me upon first look today.

Maybe once I get more accustomed to painting this way, I'll see this part of the process as the point at which I bring together a robust advisory board to nurture and guide me.

So, that advisory board? One member—imaginary though she may be—suggests shifting my attention from the series as a whole to developing a single piece for awhile.

I start with this piece.

First I play with the circles, after which I warm up the immediate surrounding space with quinacridone gold. Then I veil much of the painting to make it background.

Next I add bold and linear, and I amp up the focal space with more 'reddish' and 'yellowish.'

After that, I scribe some skinny black lines—some of which are 'straightish,' others 'roundish.'

Can't tell you the why of any of it, can't say where it's going, can't say if I like it at all.

Ever curious …


  1. I imagined (before I looked at the subsequent ones) the first to be a landscape! Cool trees to the left of a cobblestone path. It turned into a totally different abstract ....steps heading to the train station. ALL ABOARD !!!

    1. Oh my gosh, such fun for me to see what you see—thanks for taking the time to comment. And here we are again, getting ready to board the art express!

  2. I see landscapes too Dotty. Google satellite views. A grove of trees. But the dark lines in the last view just brought it back to a wonderful abstract. Keep going, it is lovely so far!

    1. Google satellite views! Who knew? Not me! Sheila, thanks for the running commentary and cheering : )