Thursday, March 31, 2016


My day started one way. I had a working outline for its various elements.

And then I didn't.

Lost my focus and couldn't find it.

So—why not?—I stepped off the shore again. Started splashing around in the shallows, turning one way and then another, churning up the surface, watching drops of water rise up, return, catch the light, disappear.

"blank" canvas paper,
large brush,
some paint
folded card stock,
charcoal pencil,

some quick lines and scribbles
rotated canvas paper,
black paint spread in one continuous scrape across the page with a matte knife
rotated canvas paper,
large brush,
more paint
folded card again,
small brush,
some paint
corner closeup of canvas paper


  1. Looks like the fog rolled in. No worries, it always dissipates by mid morning :)