Friday, March 18, 2016

Prickly Peregrinations

I played with another postcard start today but ran into some thorny patches as I traveled through the process.

Love the word peregrination, especially since my son Scott's becoming intrigued by peregrine falcons sometime during his grade school years. Peregrination means travel from one place to another, especially on foot, and I did a bit of that with today's painting, but when I hear the word peregrination I also think of a peregrine's stoop, its sudden focused drop—at up to 242 mph—to catch prey in midair. I did an approximation of that today, too, diving in with streamlined speed to see what I'd "catch."

Some of my foot travel was steady and enjoyable but took me other than where intended. Some of my bold moves pleased me but others not so much.

Ink that looked great in application dried to a different color. Watercolor crayon brought color I wanted but messed up some clean lines; then, in trying to revise that mess, I washed away ink I'd thought was permanent. And so it went.

Between the sure-footedness and stumbles, the catches and misses, I have another postcard ready and waiting.

Postcard 18
4x5", acrylic, ink, and wax pastels on manila stock
[not for sale]

Starting point today:


  1. Love this one Dotty! The feathery edges, the patterns, and of course, the composition. Well done!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Sheila. Gotta say, these postcards are great little playgrounds for me. Nice size. Nice weight paper. Nice knowing I have a "collector." I love the fun of a temporary gallery of postcards and a short stack here to select from when I write to my dad about every five days, and I love seeing them again, in an ever-growing collection, whenever I visit my dad.

  2. I like the word perigrination. Isn't it related to pilgrimage? Anyhow: I think our painting has something to do with pilgrimage: begin on the road is more important than reaching the goal. I have to learn that every day!

    Love your postcard!

  3. I mean: 'being on the road'...

    1. Simone, thanks for your comments. Being on the road—the best!