Saturday, March 26, 2016


I grab a piece of canvas paper today and cut myself an 8-inch square, tape it to a tray for support so I can work at my easel. Then, acting on a mix of intuition and impulse—are they complements?—I use the few bits of paint sitting on my stay-wet palette to cover my paper in a soft, loose grid background. No plan to the colors, just a practical notion to use up some paint while it's still usable.

No plan much at all other than to explore pattern as my painting focus.

Got this far pretty quickly.



No idea.

But—very much to my surprise—it turns out I like being in that place of not knowing.

What if I do this?

And then this?

I stop for today, savoring the tension of being smack in the middle of messy mystery. Mastery's decided to sit this one out. Shoes kicked off, she's reading a book, sipping a latté.


  1. Hahahaha, LOVE your analogy and this lovely WIP!

    1. Glad to give you cause to chuckle, Sheila! And thanks for your cheering on the sidelines as I find my way along with this WIP.