Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blank Canvas

I completed Donuts a few days ago. It was my first run through one of the lessons in my Jane Davies workshop.

I posted it on my blog.

I stuck it in an empty frame and propped it on my dresser.

And it bugged me.

So I decided to retire it.

To see it as a blank canvas.

I rotated it.

Got out a paintbrush and a pen.

new painting in progress


  1. I like it how you describe that sometimes something can bug you! And once you have noticed it, you can't deny it anymore...
    I am wondering where this one is going!

    By the way: I am finally reading 'Big Magic'. Fun!

    1. Love that you can identify with my needing to take action in response to my feeling bugged by my painting—it just didn't feeling satisfying, and it felt kind of overworked or cluttered, and I wasn't sure how go about doing subtractive changes. Finally, I thought, "Just do anything. Mess it up. Treat it as a start, the way Jane Davies does with all her scraps of paper onto which she lifts paint." I'm on the ride with you, wondering where this one is going!

      Thanks for letting me know you're finally reading Big Magic. I've wondered off and on if your library copy had got to you yet. I'm reading it for the third time!