Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back to Dynamic Composition

Remember the downloadable Jane Davies class I purchased just after Christmas? The one I was going to complete in January as the content for my 30-in-30 challenge? Picked up Lesson 4 today, the lesson I'd intended to start around January 15.

Totally love the directions for Project 1 of this lesson, particularly the part in parentheses: make a bunch (one precise bunch) of patterns using several different tools and materials.

One precise bunch, comin' up!

In the demo video Jane uses white paper but (a) I've been hankering to mess around with neutrals and (b) I've been hankering to move a big paint-filled brush freely across clean paper.

So. Used up some paint from my stay-wet palette to create one swatch. Then, mixed ultramarine blue and vivid red orange for the next few swatches, adding titanium white in increments along the way. Finally, blended chromium oxide green and permanent alizarin crimson, again adding titanium in increments.

Very satisfying, curled up edges notwithstanding—had to wrestle them into submission to snag a photo. Love the creamy soothing neutrals.

Lesson started.

imprecise bunch of color swatches


  1. Hey!!! This looks really nice!
    Aren't those neutrals made of complimentary colours beautiful? So rich in colour. I could go on endlessly with colour mixing like this.

    The end-result is beautiful. I love how these colours go together!

    1. The color mixing was great fun. I'd fallen away from doing as much color mixing as I used to do when I painted realistic vs. abstract pieces. Slowly, I'm coming to realize I need to get more neutrals in my abstract work, too!

      Lining the swatches up for a photograph did turn out to look really good! I realized (too late) that if I'd taken the top piece (the one with the most orange color to it) and placed it between the "mauves" and "greens" I might have created an interesting striped abstract sunset landscape!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Off in a new direction on a new project/lesson. Always something to engage my curiosity, creativity, and interest.