Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yippy Ti Yi Yo …

The refrain from a folk song I remember from my kids' Disney CD of 100 Favorite Songs came to mind as I painted today.

Yippy ti yi yo, git along little dogies,
It's your misfortune and none of my own.

Time for this little dogie to be moving along.

Time to part ways with this abstract collage landscape lesson. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse.

You Know That Wyoming Will Be Your New Home
8x8", collage and acrylic

The fun for me today came when I cleaned off my (new!) brayer and made myself some collage paper for an as yet unknown project.


  1. Dead horse? Your project does not show! I like your abstract landscape!
    Many questions about dead horses... But maybe the internet is not the best place to discuss them? ;-)
    with love,

    1. Simone, thanks for your comments. I continue to be fascinated by the subjectivity of art—that what pleases one eye might not please another. I'm glad to hear you like this abstract landscape!

      I'll be happy to discuss 'dead horses' with you!

  2. Crack me up Dotty. Yes, this reminds me of the blustery, blizzardy Wyoming I remember. Co-oo-ooo-ld! On to new and exciting experiments!

    1. I'm getting on my (live) horse and riding hard—new and exciting experiments, here I come! Thanks for coming along on the ride!