Monday, February 22, 2016

Wonder What'll Happen If …

Jane Davies is fearless. Give her a blank surface and some art materials—no hesitation! She dives right in. Tries anything. Says, Wonder what'll happen if …

OK, Jane. Here I come!

Wonder what'll happen if I scribble all over a postcard with my left hand using a purple pen …

… a mess of scribbles.

Wonder what'll happen if I make circles all over the top of the purple scribbles with my left hand using a turquoise pen … 

… a bigger mess of scribbles, in two colors.

Wonder what'll happen if I put a Chinese White wax pastel in my hand and let it do whatever it wants to do over the top of all the scribbles … 

… You know how a windshield wiper brings sudden clarity to a windshield covered with a misting rain? Using the pastel brought sudden clarity to my experiment in a way diametrically opposed to a wiper's clearing off a windshield. The pastel was fresh misting rain, gently softening and blurring my view, making my world cottony and foggy—muted, soothing.

Wonder what'll happen if I add Sky Blue, Royal Blue, and Grey to the windshield …

Postcard 12
4x5", acrylic, ink, and wax pastels on manila stock
[not for sale]
humble beginnings


  1. Love it! Windsheild wipers... noticed mine as I washed the car today. One swipe revealed crystal clean glass. Ahhh.

    1. Windshield wipers a reasonable metaphor for art making—sometimes a single stroke and all is clear, sometimes between strokes all is more obscured and less distinct, and there's no telling ahead of time which will be more pleasing to the eye!

  2. Where oh where does time go? You're off the computer for a day or two and look what you miss! I love the Maine serenity. And postcard #11! And this windshield analogy....perfect, Dotty. I love your musings as always, along with your art!

    1. Where oh where DOES the time go?! For that matter, where oh where was it to begin with? WHAT is it!

      The Maine serenity was delicious, very nourishing. Postcard #11 great fun, and then the windshield. Further fun: the postcards are stacked up ready to go to my dad, one by one. Next time I visit, there they will be, in a sweet little stack beside the loveseat where many of them were created with love : )

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!