Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lesson Three

Earlier in February I tried to move on to Lesson Three in my composition class several times, but Lesson Two kept wagging its finger, saying, Oh, no you don't!

Now, though, Lesson Two feels woven into the fabric of who I am as an artist, so I try my hand at Lesson Three today for the first time—after reading the written part of the lesson more than once!

The composition structure for this lesson is the cruciform shape, something I became aware of at a conscious—albeit rudimentary—level back in the fall. A focus in the lesson is to create transitions between the cruciform shape and the quadrants it creates, to integrate the cruciform shape so it is not just Shape on Background. The guidelines instruct me to create my cruciform shape using primarily collage, and to use texture to create my transitions.

Ready, set, go!

Here's my Shape on Background:

Here are the transitions I created with texture to integrate the cruciform shape with the background quadrants:

Criss-Cross, Logs and Moss
4x4.5", acrylic and collage on watercolor paper

At the moment, I have only the simplest of tools to use for texture, but I'm chomping at the bit to add to my collection. Today I used nylon screen, a hole-punch-punctured foil lid from a yogurt container, an ink stamp, a plastic mesh scouring pad thingie, and a foam packing peanut.



  1. Love the commentary, the evolution and end result, the pops of purple and the title. You are creative and talented on so many levels!

    1. Joje, thanks for your feedback and affirmations of my playing with art! This was a fun piece to work on. I propped it up on my tutorial desk yesterday so I could explore the results again and again over the course of the afternoon.

  2. Great Dotty. Love the colors-wonderful green. You are getting quite innovative, but I suspect that you always were.

    1. Thanks, Ann. As you well know, the simplest of undertakings—cross on background—can make less than simple demands in the execution. Working out the colors was fun and engaging, as was playing with texture as a way to integrate the various elements of the overall design. Thanks for your vote of confidence in my innovation!

      What metaphor do you see here???

  3. Wonderful textures... here's to simple :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I'll raise a glass to textures and simple with you!