Friday, February 19, 2016

Dining Room Doodles

Drove to Maine this morning to hang out with Futh. Brought along my postcard setups.

Sat on the loveseat in the dining room nook after lunch, February sun kissing the back of my head, and played with pens and wax pastels.

What started earlier this week as fingerprints of paint on manila stock metamorphosed this afternoon. That little river of doodles crossing the page holds the story of a cake's baking, a dad's dozing, a daughter's losing herself in the flow of one moment and another moment and another.

All is well.

Postcard 9
4x5", acrylic, ink, and wax pastel on manila stock
[not for sale]

humble beginnings


  1. Loved the title of your blog and the image of you seated on the love seat doodling, with a dozing Futh nearby. Is that the Androscoggin River in postcard 9?

    1. Joje, glad you liked the title and that you appreciated Futh's dozing off beside me ("perfectly normal"!). And, oh!, perhaps that IS the Androscoggin insinuating itself into my art!