Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crunching Out Cruciforms

Tried my hand at a second cruciform exercise.

I've been watching YouTube clips of other artists' at work, drinking in their sense of adventure and experimentation. As I worked on this piece, I rotated the canvas repeatedly to jolt myself into new perspectives throughout. I tried whatever came to mind. If I didn't like what landed on my canvas, I either wiped it off or covered it with something else. Since I don't have much in the way of stencils for texture I cut one of my own from the plastic lid of a yogurt container, and I opted to create texture through various doodles.

Here's what I was instructed to remember while working:

• The piece should NOT look like a Cross On Background. Make the transitions between positive and negative space gradual, interesting, ambiguous.
• Make each quadrant different in shape and proportion, and mix up the size and proportions of the arms of the cross.
• The cruciform shape should grab attention, while the quadrants hang back.
• Use multiple bits of collage and paint in the arms of the cross.
• Keep the cruciform on the vertical and horizontal; no exaggerated diagonals.

I'm happy to receive feedback.

On to more cruciform compositions!

Cacophonous Morning
4x4", collage, acrylic, ink, and oil pastels on canvas paper
Process photos:


  1. This piece has such a feeling of movement..to me, it is almost vibrating. Such depth with all the delicate layering of color and shape. Did mention the other day you were looking at different ways to print on things? I've stumbled across something that works well. Will send you more on it later. Love the series you are doing.

    1. Corinna, thanks for your comments. Eager to hear about what it is you've stumbled on that works well re different ways to print on things! I had insomnia in the night—unrelated to art, but I was grateful to have art to think about as I lay awake; I even got up and scrolled through stencils online!