Sunday, February 21, 2016


Today's lines, meanders, colors, and tributaries reminded me of sitting in a classroom in the American School of the Hague, a classroom in a house that had been converted into a school. Teacher Miss Thompson was British, my fifth-grade classmates American, the lesson geography, the task to draw a freehand map of a country somewhere else in the world—I have no memory of what country we were studying; what I have is an embodied memory of the interior place I inhabited while drawing.

When I immersed myself in embellishing another postcard setup today, I was back in that classroom, drawing and inhabiting a place somewhere in my interior world.

Love the travel!

Postcard 11
4x5", acrylic, ink, oil pastels, and matte medium on manila stock
[not for sale]

humble beginnings


  1. I loved map making in class. Even though I never got all the details quite right for my picky History teacher. I tried and tried, bust he would always find a city in the wrong place, or battle lines that were off. Ugghhhh! Well, they were pretty at least, if not correct, LOL.

    1. Sheila, love that you knew just what I was talking about when I mentioned the pleasure of drawing maps. Did you ever get to do Kansas—one of its nicknames is the Sunflower State : )